Circular Connectors: Industrial and Military Connectors

17 11 2010

Find out what circular connectors do, how they are used in industry and the military, and who the leading circular connector manufacturers are.

Circular connectors are an important element in both industrial and military projects. They are used to join a number of signals or power leads from a cable or piece of equipment to another cable or piece of equipment: essentially, as the name suggests, connecting the two.

Circular connectors have pins inside them which are all different and allow the circular connector to connect with cabling supplying power, signal or coaxial cables.

Circular connectors have to be able to withstand a number of environmental factors, when used in industrial, as well as military applications. Military circular connectors are found in a range of military hardware, including aerospace and are designed to sustain high vibrations and operate in extreme environments.

Amphenol Circular Cable Connectors

One of the leading suppliers of military and industrial connectors in the world is Amphenol. Amphenol products are all built to military specified standards. Amphenol are at the forefront of circular connection development. Previous accomplishments have included the development of their patented RADSOK technology, which allows for 50% more current to pass through the same size cavity.

The RADSOK technology, according to Amphenol, also provides ‘increased reliability, ampacity and cycle durability as well as lower insertion force, T-rise and voltage drop.’

If you are looking to buy circular connectors, either for industrial or military use, whatever your cabling and circular connection requirements Challenger Components can supply all of your requirements.

Challenger Components Ltd is one of the leading distributors in the UK of connectors, cooling solutions and static control products.

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