Thermal Management Solutions

18 11 2010

Thermal management solutions have adapted to the new challenges posed by advances in electronic design in recent decades. Discover how and find thermal management solutions for your product design now.

As electronics have become more and more prevalent in the world in which we live, their use has spread to encompass all areas, including extreme outdoor use. This has caused a number of serious thermal management problems, specifically in the form of temperature and humidity control, two of the major causes of electronics failure.

“Outdoor electronics present many severe thermal problems,” says Kaveh Azar, President and CEO of Advanced Thermal Solutions, a leading US engineering company.

“A housing may stand up to the worst environments, but its inside conditions can get well beyond the temperature limits the components are made for.”

In thermal management testing it is not uncommon to test performance in extreme conditions. These can often include temperature testing ranging from -20 to 50°C, relative humidity up to 80%, solar heat loading to 110 Watt per square foot, as well as operations at altitudes of over 5,000 feet.

Electronic Thermal Management

Wasted heat and energy are now far less common thanks to increased efficiency in electronic circuit design, which alongside more densely packed components and better seal enclosures mean that avoiding circuitry failure is a real thermal management challenge for successful end design products. 

One solution many electronics employ to their thermal management problems is the use of cooling fans. There are many types of cooling fan available. Axial fans are among the most efficient. Axial fans for the cooling of electronic equipment are mostly equipped with external housing and an electric motor integrated into the fan hub. This compact construction allows space-saving accommodation of all devices while also maintaining the overall thermal management requirements necessary for successful design.

For many years Challenger Components Ltd have been approved distributors for ebm-papst UK. In this time we have built up many years of experience in Thermal Management and Cooling Solutions, fan and blower applications.

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