Demand for Thermal Management Set to Grow

19 11 2010

The electronic thermal management industry is set to grow in the coming years, as demand for electronic systems and micro-processors increases, a new US research paper finds.

The economic recession and the down-turn in end-use sectors such as automotive, computers, telecom, industrial/military, medical/office equipment, and consumer electronics did have a negative effect on the growth of the thermal management industry globally.

However, a new report from Global Industry Analysts suggests that developments in technology and  a marked increase in the production of miniaturized microprocessors, as well as the increased use of mobile devices are going to lead to a recovery and growth of the industry in the coming years.

Analysts predict that electronic thermal management devices are likely to increase in demand in the coming years for their effective use in PCs, telecommunication systems and servers.

Hardware products, such as heat sinks and thermoelectric coolers, as well as software for designing these products have been highlighted as particular areas where growth is likely to occur.

Why is Thermal Management so Important in the Electronics Industry?

Better design and more densely packed components as electronic systems become smaller and smaller means that power densities continue to rise unabated. As a result, miniature processors and greater power levels generate high levels of heat, which is why thermal management solutions are needed to maintain systems.  

Electronic thermal management devices perform this job and cool the electronic components and the system from excessive heat during operation.

Also, demand is likely to increase with system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) integrating more components on PCBs. Nevertheless, market growth is likely to be restricted with the system-on-chip design complexities.

Thermal Management Cooling Solutions: Fans and Blowers

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19 11 2010

The first step in working with a thermal management assembly is to pick the right materials. Little things like solder quality and alloy composition can make or break a project. A good tip for those new to the field is to read the white pages over at and to read their resident scientist’s blog:

27 10 2011

Thanks for comment Brian. Please feel free to come back and review our website for the latest thermal management content.

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