New Twin Axial Cable Assembly Launched

6 12 2010

Leading electronics solutions manufacturer 3M has announced the creation of Mini Serial Attached SCSI (miniSAS) Cable Assemblies to its twin axial cable platform.

Utilising the industry’s first known flat, foldable and longitudinally-shielded high performance twin axial ribbon cable, the new product offers high routability internal miniSAS Cable Assemblies.

The flat, foldable and pliable design of the 8F36 Series of cable assemblies promises to offer high performance cable assemblies that utilizes 3M’s ultra-low-profile, high speed, high signal density mean that their new assembly is less than half the thickness of conventional miniSAS. As with all of their cabling products the cable assemblies are RoHS compliant and halogen-free.

“The availability of the 3M High Routability Internal miniSAS Cable Assemblies 8F36 Series is one of many 3M products we anticipate will help revolutionize the industry and lead to substantial innovations in system designs, such as server and storage systems,” says David Schneider, business manager of 3M Electronic Solutions Division, Interconnect.

Benefits of 3M Cable Solutions

The zero halogen 8F36 Series cable assembly is ideal for space-constrained electronic systems and can easily route along the sides of cabinets and through narrow openings between fans or heat sinks.

The 8F36 Series cable assembly also exceeds the 6 Gbps performance standard designated by SAS 2.0 requirements and can be folded and bent in multiple locations with a bend radius as low as 1 mm and still meet SAS 2.0 performance criteria

The product is available with or without sidebands, or with silver or tin plated signal conductors with solid polyolefin dielectric.

Buy Axial Cable

3M is a leading supplier of cable and wiring. They supply, halogen free cable, shielded cable, coaxial cable, multi-core cabling, twin-axial cabling and more.

Challenger Components Ltd is a supplier of 3M cable in the UK.

Visit: for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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