Electrical Cable Types Explained

7 12 2010

There are many different types of electrical cable available. Find out more information about specific electrical cable types and their uses below.

Coaxial cable

This type of electrical cable is used usually for connecting radio transmitters and receivers with antennas. Coaxial cable consists of an electrical cable with a core that allows for conduction of electricity, while the outside flexible tube case protects it.

Coaxial cable differs from shielded cables in that they provide a more controlled and constant conduction flow and are therefore used for radios and radio waves, where constant signal is required to keep the transmission clear.

Halogen Free Cable

Halogen free cables ensure emissions are kept to a minimum and pose as little risk as possible if they were to catch on fire and emit dangerous toxic smoke.

This type of cabling is safer to dispose of too as cables emit toxic smoke when burnt so halogen free ones do not require a special burning facility.

Multi Core Cable

Multicore cable can be any type of electrical cable but with ‘multiple cores’.  In electrical cabling, the central conductor, which is typically copper, is referred to as a ‘core’. If, for example then, a cable had four coaxial cables within it, then it would be considered a multi core cable. It also typically has one wire and is protected by a jacketed cable.

Axial Cable

Axial cable is a type of cable similar to coaxial cable but it has two conductors to allow almost perfect signal to pass through it. It is also shielded by an outer jacket.

If you require cabling and are unsure which type fits your specific needs, Challenger Components can help as they supply all halogen free cables on the market.

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