What is Coaxial Cable?

8 12 2010

Information on coaxial cable, plus where to find cable suppliers in the UK.

This type of cable is used to connect home technology appliances such as home videos or radios.  The cable connects computer networks, while long distance alternatives are more commonly seen connecting radio and television networks. 

It is the most desired form of cable for both consumer radio signals and communication signals for CB radios and ham radios due to the lack of interference the connection supplied by coaxial cable.

Different types of Coaxial Cable

There are different types of coaxial cable including hard line which is commonly used in broadcasting communication technology. This is a heavy-duty coaxial cable so the outside is rigid and highly protective.

This type of cable is around 13mm and a lot thicker than other types of cable meaning it has a low loss of connectivity even at high power and is a good choice if you require a connection you can depend upon.

If the connection required is between a transmitter on the ground and an aerial tower, hard lines are the cable of choice as they can withstand pressurised nitrogen or desiccated air.

Another type of cable is triaxial cable, the difference is it has a third layer of outer shielding which is earthed protecting the inner shield from outside sources, so the connection is not disturbed by electromagnetic interference.

Coaxial Cable Manufacturers

3M is one of the largest manufacturers of coaxial cable and is one of the world leading brands.  All the cables they supply can face almost all of the electrical needs manufacturers and assemblers require from them.

Amphenol is another leading manufacturer supplying not only coaxial cable but flat-ribbon cable, interconnect systems and electronic and fiber optic connectors, for all your electrical needs.

Coaxial Cable Suppliers UK

Challenger Components supplies coaxial cable from the above manufactures, their 50 years plus of expertise in connector products means they can offer technical support at all stages of product design-in.

Visit: www.challengercomponents.com for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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