Energy-Efficient Ebm-Papst Fans

4 01 2011

Greener solutions have been investigated for use in new refrigeration technology. Find out more about the ebm-papst energy efficient fan models.

The fans used in refrigeration technology, condensers and evaporators, are put under great strain to provide a constant flow of cool air. These are expected to be efficient, quiet, durable, reliable and able to cope with high operating times, and as such a large amount of energy is required.

Ebm-Papst has created energy efficient models which can cope with the same high demands but at a lower cost to the user.

Ebm-Papst Fan Technology

The energy efficient fans from ebm-papst use GreenTech EC Technology to meet the requirements of the refrigeration needs in the industrial sector.

These new model evaporators benefit from the HyBlade fans which come in sizes of 300, 350, 400 and 450.

The energy savings come from this GreenTech EC Technology which in contrast to conventional shaded-pole motors has better efficiency.

The ebm-papst fans achieve efficiency of over 65 percent which reduces energy consumption by up to a third of previous models.

A 100m refrigeration unit for example with 200 energy-saving fans of size 200 saves the user 70 percent in energy costs.

The fans also operate quietly so there is no noise pollution caused and motor speeds can be set by the user, this also means that energy savings are made as the unit can be adjusted to the user’s specific needs.

The design ensures the refrigeration unit does not take up too much space and it is also user friendly and easy to install.  You can also convert it to existing applications without difficulty.

Energy Efficient Fan Suppliers

Ebm-Papst are the market leaders of high quality, energy efficient industrial fans and blowers in the UK.

They supply everything from small, compact electronic cooling fans to light industrial applications, as well as larger more permanent pieces.

Challenger Components is one of the UK’s leading distributors of energy efficient fans and blowers.  They can supply a range of Ebm-Papst fans, all using the GreenTech EC Technology.

Visit: for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.





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