Electronic Thermal Management Industry Worth $8.6 Billion By 2015

12 01 2011

The global market for Electronic Thermal Management is forecast to reach US$8.6 billion by the year 2015, according to a new report into the industry.

Factors driving growth include developments in technology and a marked increase in the production of miniaturized microprocessors. The growing sophistication of mobile devices is also likely to impact market growth, too, according to the report Electronic Thermal Management – A Global Strategic Business Report by research group Global Industry Analysts.

Thanks to more complex needs of electrical components, thermal management has assumed an important role in product development and associated costs in bringing products to market. Thermal management for cooling such products requires the device design to be aligned in parallel form with the design of the electronic product. The techniques used in the thermal modules effectively predict the thermal behaviour of a product and helps in the electronic component designing at a great saving in cost for optimal thermal performance.

Today’s printed circuit boards (PCBs) need efficient thermal management solutions such as thermoelectric coolers and heat sinks to control rising power densities.

Electrical Thermal Management Solutions

The increase in the production of miniaturized microprocessors is putting considerable demand for electronic thermal management devices. The miniature size of the processor and the enhanced power levels generate high levels of heat.

Hardware products, such as heat sinks and thermoelectric coolers, as well as software for designing these products have been highlighted as particular areas where growth is likely to occur and demand for specific and unique thermal management solutions.

Electrical Thermal Management Fans UK

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