Ultra-Efficient and High Performance Fans and Blowers

14 01 2011

A trend of ultra-efficient blowers and fans with improved noise behaviour is sweeping the market, latest research shows.

This is good news for the high expectations consumers put on rail transport, with new advances requiring new solutions to cope with demand.

Ebm papst has been recognised as being exceptionally prepared to meet these requirements, showing competence in the fields of motor technology, electronics and aerodynamics.

The company has released a new Power Blower where the air performance produced has been increased by more than 20 percent.

Compatible mechanically and electrically with most dual centrifugal blowers from the ebm-papst range, this new power blower offers customers new possibilities in the fields of air-conditioning for example, heating and ventilation.

What are Power Blowers and Fans?

Industrial fans and blowers are commonly used to maintain a constant controlled environment, where the conditions can determine the value of the product in creation.

They have to provide either air or gas for either combustion, ventilation, aeration, cooling and air cleaning, to name a few.

As these fans and blowers are often relied upon for considerable lengths of time they use up a lot of energy to create the required conditions.

New fans and blowers on the market are competing to produce new powerful, yet efficient, blowers to save consumers money, and protect the environment.

Energy Efficient Fan Suppliers

Ebm-Papst are the market leaders of high quality, energy efficient industrial fans and blowers in the UK.

They supply everything from small, compact electronic cooling fans to light industrial applications, as well as larger more permanent pieces.

Challenger Components is one of the UK’s leading distributors of energy efficient fans and blowers.  They can supply a range of Ebm-Papst fans, all using the GreenTech EC Technology.

Visit: www.challengercomponents.com for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.







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