High Professional Electronic Production

17 01 2011

Europe has been shown to hold an important position in professional electronic equipment production, but this sector has taken a hit in the recession.

Europe’s share accounts for 19 percent of the 1,115 billion euro global production of all electronic equipment, with a value of 217 billion euro in 2009.  This sector is divided between the mass market of items such as PCs and mobile phones, and professional electronic equipment.

Since the telecommunications crisis in 2001, the European output of PCs and other consumer type equipment has diminished, but it still retains a strong share in professional equipment production of 28 percent.

There are signs however that the European electronics industry has been hit hard by the recession as it experienced a fall in production of 13.9 percent in 2009.

Professional application sectors such as Automotive and Industrial ones were shown to not be immune to the economic downturn, with only the Aerospace/ Defence and Security sector showing any positive growth in 2009 from the European electronic production market.

It is expected that professional electronic equipment should benefit from higher global growth perspectives than mass-market products over the next three years.

This is because the sector is closely connected to the new emerging trends which have seen a fast growth in demand, such as power electronics, medical electronics and security.

What is Professional Electrical Equipment?

The industrial electrical equipment sector either produces, or uses certain electrical parts that are required in industrial machines, or used to control factory settings and temperature.

Some examples are:

Connectors (and Military Connectors)

Cooling Solutions: Fans and Blowers

Static Control

Professional Electrical Equipment UK: Buy Connectors Online

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