Industrial Electrical Connectors

24 01 2011

Electrical connectors are commonly used in machines and devices in industry, and there are some which are specifically designed to withstand the high vibrations and external conditions which could jeopardise the electrical current they carry.

Find out more about industrial electrical connectors, what they are used for, and the best manufacturers and suppliers of industrial electrical connectors in the UK.

Types of Industrial Electrical Connectors

There are many different electrical connectors typically required in industry and these include the following:

Industrial circular, industrial rectangular, RF coaxial connectors, smart card connectors and heat seal connectors.

Military connectors are another type of connector which although more commonly designed for military machines they are also used in industrial devices too.

This is because like a military machine the machines in a factory setting are exposed to drastic environmental factors, so they have to be durable and be able to withstand high vibrations and sometimes boiling and freezing temperatures.

Industrial Electrical Connector Manufacturers

3M are a dominant manufacturer of quality cable connectors.  They produce input and output connectors, wire to board connectors, IC sockets and many other industrial electrical connectors.

Other manufactures include: Amphenol, AMP/TYCO, JST, HARTING, ITT Canon, SOURIOU, MOLEX.

Industrial Electrical Connector Suppliers UK

Challenger Components have over 50 years of combined expertise in connector products, cooling solutions and static control, and can offer technical support at all stages of product design-in.

Visit: for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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