Flexible Printed Circuit Board Market to Expand

28 01 2011

The predicted growth of the global flexible printed circuit boards market is set to exceed $16 billion in the next four years, a new study reveals.

With rapid changes in technology in the industrial packaging, medical, telecommunications, and automotive sectors, the demand for flexible printed circuit boards is expected to grow in the coming years.

A printed circuit board is used to support electoral connections and components by conductive pathways, and are good reliable mechanisms for fast high-volume production.

According to a recent Global Strategic Business Report by Global Industry Analysts, flexible printed circuits serve a wide range of demanding applications due to their thickness, light weight, and the ability to take any form.

They are also reliable and functional for use in applications which are required to work in harsh environments.

The largest and fastest growing market worldwide that requires flexible printed circuits is the Asia-Pacific with Japan the second largest overall market.

The largest end-use market for flexible printed circuit boards is in the communications industry, with demand being spurred by growing demand for mobile phones.

Demand has also grown for the increasing number of flexible circuits per mobile phone unit.

Manufacturers of Printed Circuit Boards

The report identified the main manufacturers producing electrical connection products, including flexible printed circuit boards.

Electrical Connection Suppliers UK

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