New Patterned Transparent Conductors Unveiled

28 01 2011

A new patterned transparent conductor has been unveiled by 3M, boasting a sleek new design and improved capabilities for electronic demands.

Revealed for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), 3M presented their new patterned transparent conducts which are typically used in consumer electronic devices.

The applications they are used for vary, but include projected capacitive touch sensing.  They are better than existing ITO/PET designs and help enhance the performance of the device.

The patterned transparent conductors offer sheet resistance that is orders of magnitude lower than current ITO-based products, on a flexible polyester substrate that can support the performance requirements.

“The extension to 3M’s family of Transparent Conductors supports our strategy of providing consumer electronics designers and engineers a range of materials options in this area,” said Bret Haldin, business development manager at 3M Electronics Markets Materials Division.

“These products can help meet industry requirements driven by the increased use of antennas and projected capacitive touch systems.”

3M Electrical Conductor Range

3M design and manufactures a range of electronic solutions for the electronics market.  Their applications are used in the medical device industry, ICT, PCB, automotive and military/aerospace and also consumer electronics.

3M connectors can be used in environments which depend on high speed communications and reliable electronic transmissions.

The company has more than 50 different types of cable products available, all designed to withstand highly pressurised environments, such as in industry and military machines.

Their connectors meet the challenges they are faced with – increased communication speeds, the demand for higher density and are cost-effective.

Electronic Conductor Suppliers UK

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