What Are Mil Spec Connectors?

1 02 2011

Military Connector Specifications – often referred to as Mil Spec Connectors – differ depending on the country and the types of machines they are used in.

This article will explore the typical requirements of a military connector, and the best military connector manufacturers and suppliers in the UK.

Military Connector Specifications

Military connectors have to meet the specialised requirement of army machines and guided missiles, such as small rockets to multistage vehicles.

These connectors have to be highly reliable and durable to withstand harsh environments such as high pressure, wind and rain, as well as other extreme combat conditions.

Electrical connectors in general are used to join electrical circuits together so an electrical current can occur.

Often the machines or devices that require connectors will be dependent on the electrical current to operate, so they have to not just be specific to the device in which they are used, but reliably connect the circuits for smooth operation.

Types of Military Connectors

The military tend to require connectors for many different purposes due to the large amount of equipment, large or small that require an electrical current.

These connectors are used for example for audio devices, power and control over missiles and other explosives, as well as heavy duty machinery.

There are therefore specific connectors for all these requirements so these connections are as reliable as they can be.

Military Connector Suppliers UK

Challenger Components has over 50 years experience in designing and supporting assembly of connectors.

They supply Military Connectors manufactured by Cooper Interconnect-WPI and Amphenol, while the rest of their connector range such as Industrial Rectangular, Heat Seal Connectors, and RF Coaxial Connectors come from manufactures like Nippon Graphite Industries and 3M Interconnect.

They can help or offer advice towards the design of your military connector and cabling requirements.




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