A-Z of Electrical Components A – Amphenol

2 02 2011

Amphenol is one of the largest suppliers of interconnect solutions in the world.  Find out more about what products they design and manufacture, and the best stockists of Amphenol products in the UK.

As one of the largest manufacturers, Amphenol has substantial experience in the electrical systems industry, operating since 1932.

The range of connector and interconnect solutions they produce include cable assembly, over-moulding and electronic packaging.

Coaxial cable is a type of electrical cable Amphenol produces, typically used for connecting radio transmitters.  The cable consists of an electrical cable with a core for the conduction of electricity – the outside tube provides protection from outside interruptions.

RF coaxial cable is another type of cable solution, and is used to provide a special screen for electrical transmission, so the client can rely on a transmission being uninterrupted.

Amphenol also specialise in producing connectors, such as Military specific connectors, to join electrical circuits together so an electrical current can occur.

All these products from Amphenol, either used in an industrial setting or a military one, have to withstand harsh environments, so they are made durable and strong.

Amphenol Suppliers UK

Challenger Components use many Amphenol products when designing and assembly the cabling requirements of their clients.

They supply Amphenol interconnect products such as fibre optic connectors, coaxial cable and flat-ribbon cable.

They also supply products from Amphenol’s Bendix Aerospace range, interconnect solutions specifically for the Military and Aerospace markets.

The Amphenol – Socapex range, also stocked by Challenger Components, designs and manufactures interconnect systems for industrial applications, but also for military and aerospace applications which are likely to be exposed to harsh environments.

Amphenol – Tuchel Electronics offers technical support in development, production and distribution.

For more information on Amphenol Interconnect products for your manufacturing needs visit: www.challengercomponents.com




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