Electrical Component Manufacturers: Cooper Interconnect

9 02 2011

Cooper Interconnect are a worldwide manufacturer of electronic components, offering the connector and cable assembly solutions for every aspect of industry.

Find out more about Cooper Interconnects products, what these electrical components are used for, and where to buy Cooper Interconnect connector solutions.

Cooper Interconnect Connector and Cable Assembly

The company produces over 100,000 products, offering solutions for heavy industry applications such as electrical fittings, signals and alarm devices, industrial lighting and industrial motor controls, to name a few.

Cooper Interconnect can also help with the concept design, right through to producing the products and assembling them.

Where are Cooper Interconnect Solutions Used?

The electrical components they produce are largely centred on three areas – Military and Aerospace, Industrial, and Subsea.

These connectors and cables all have to withstand a highly pressurised environment, whether it be the buzz of an industrial machine, the explosive and dangerous environment of a war zone, or the sea pressure above it.

Industrial Electrical Products – Conduit, cable and cord fittings, lighting and plugs.

IEC Explosion Protection Products – Terminal housings, cable glands, intrinsically safe products, as well as lighting, control and switchgear.

Commercial Products – Liquid tight Fittings, weatherproof cast enclosures and accessories, AC and MC cable connectors, and steel boxes.

Cooper Interconnect Military Connectors

Military connectors have to meet the specialised requirement of army machines and guided missiles, such as small rockets to multistage vehicles.

Electrical connectors in general are used to join electrical circuits together so an electrical current can occur.


Cooper Interconnect Suppliers UK

Challenger Components is a supplier of many Cooper Interconnect electronic products and stock Military Connectors manufactured by Cooper Interconnect-WPI among other electrical components.

Challenger Components can help you with your electrical requirements, offering a range of products from other manufacturers, such as 3M Interconnect, Amphenol, and ebm papst.




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