Strain Relief and Grounding Clamps

21 02 2011

Most large electrical systems used in industry require strain relief applications and grounding methods to prevent damage to the cables.

What are Grounding Clamps used for?

A grounding clamp is commonly used in conjunction with a grounding cable, commonly referred to as a grounding kit.

This process is used to prevent lightening punctures on cables such as coaxial cables – copper or aluminium on antenna installations – usually used in the telecommunication sector.

The clamp is screwed to the cable so the voltage from a lightening stroke or electrical fault will be diverted into the clamp, so it is earthed.

The clamps themselves are made of tin and this is designed to be in a ripple so it has a low contact resistance – giving it better length.

What are Strain Relief Accessories?

Connection points on cable and wiring harnesses can be prone to damage, so a cable strain relief provides extra protection to reinforce the cord so the electrical connection remains uninterrupted.  A strain relief could also mean your cables last longer.

Strain relief systems vary in size and type to support different parts of the cable, such as a flex support strain relief which is a specific type which protects the cable from stress as it enters the equipment.

Strain Relief and Grounding Clamp Manufacturers

3M Interconnect is one of the UKs largest manufacturers of electronic accessories such as strain relief and grounding clamps.

In addition to electronic accessories they also specialise in designing static control products, cables and cable assemblies, and connectors.

Their products are renowned for lasting the harsh environments most of their electrical items are expected to withstand, in markets such as military, industrial, and scientific machinery.

Challenger Components supplies many of the 3M products, having 50 years of experience in designing and assembling cabling and connectors, static control systems, and cooling systems such as fans and blowers.

For more information on strain relief and grounding clamps for your specific system visit: for more information, and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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