Electronic Component Manufacturer Nicomatic

2 03 2011

Electronic component manufacturers in the UK have different specialities, knowing which one to turn to with your electronic requirements is important.

Find out more about the electronic connector specialist Nicomatic, what their connectors are used for, and the best suppliers of Nicomatic electronic connectors online.

Connector Manufacturers

Nicomatic was founded in 1976, so the company has 34 years of experience in manufacturing, designing, and assembling electronic components.

Its particular specialities include connectors and metal domes, which come under the term of electronic passive components – which do not produce electricity but consume it instead, acting as a means to carry an electrical current.

Their products are primarily used in industrial sectors and in defence as the connectors they design are capable of withstanding highly pressurised environments, so the electricity current is not compromised when it is depended on in these areas for successful running.

Nicomatic produce both low volume products specifically for a client’s technological requirements, and mass production of precision components for the consumer markets.

What are Industrial Connectors UK?

Connectors are used in electrical devices as a means to join two circuits together.

Electronic connectors can be temporary for use in portable technology which is unplugged often, or as a permanent structure between two wires inside the system.

The connector either joins two wires or cables together, or connects the wire to an electrical circuit as used for assembly.

There are many different electrical connectors typically required in industry and these include industrial circular, industrial rectangular, RF coaxial connectors, smart card connectors, and heat seal connectors.

Military connectors are another specific type, but are commonly used in defence equipment in the military.

Nicomatic Suppliers UK

Challenger Components supplies Nicomatic connectors, and can help you with your electronic requirements from design, through to assembly.

For more information on Nicomatic electronic connectors visit: Challenger Components




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