Nippon Graphite Industries: Electronic Connector Manufacturers

9 03 2011

Graphite has many characteristics which make it a good mineral to use in many applications such as certain electrical devices due to its superior conductivity.

Find out how Nippon Graphite Industries uses graphite in its design of electronic connectors.

Graphite Heat Seal Connectors

Graphite’s characteristics include its ability to conduct electricity, it is a lubricant, has acid and alkaline proof qualities, and is fireproof.

Graphite is used to manufacture aluminium foil and engine crank shafts typically, of which these commonly used items would not exist without graphite.

Battery compounds also commonly use graphite, and heat seal connectors, which are used in electronic circuits.

Heat seal connectors are used to transmit signal in a circuit from an IC board to liquid crystal.  While graphite is not that visible to the human eye, it is nonetheless very important in industry.

This is because it provides reliable connections while also preventing electrical fires from spreading.  Heat seal connectors are also used in chip on glass fields where it produces satisfactory results.

Nippon Graphite Industries additionally manufacture NGI Flex, which are flexible circuit boards which are used in electronic applications which require many different cables and leads.

Graphite Electronic Parts

The electronic parts Nippon Graphite Industries manufacture include the following:

Single-face FPC

Double-face FPC (silver through-hole)

Double-face FPC (copper through-hole)

Pre-punched FPC

Two-layer FPC


Folding endurance of standard FPC

Design Specification

Antenna film for IC Card, IC Tag

Heat seal connectors, Anisotropic Conductive Paste

Nippon Graphite Industries Suppliers UK

Challenger Components supplies heat seal connectors manufactured by Nippon Graphite Industries.  They also specialise in helping clients design the electrical system they require, and provide the relevant parts depending on their specification and industry area.

Visit: for more information, and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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