Eco-Friendly Axial Fans on Show

14 03 2011

New environmentally friendly industrial fans will be presented at an industrial trade fair, with models including axial fans and centrifugal fans and blowers.

The range of fans by ebm-papst are made of biomaterials, and for the first time, the manufacturer will show their products at the Hannover Messe from early April.

The fans are made from wood-based composite materials as opposed to raw materials such as oil to preserve the industry’s ability to use fans in the future.

“We are continually working on reducing dependence on raw materials whose reserves are dwindling, such as oil,” said Hans-Jocken Beilke, ebm-papst Board of Managing Directors’ chairman.

“Energy-efficient fans have found their market.  Demand for energy efficient products has grown enormously.”

While retaining energy efficiency the new fans have had to meet industry standards such as service life, durability, stability and thermal fluctuation.

Improved features include better damping characteristics, resistance to corrosion even without being painted, and the ability to choose to have antibacterial or easy-to-clean coating applied.

The resources used in the eco-friendly fans not only conserve raw materials but also save CO2 emissions during production.

Emb-papst is the world market leader in energy efficient fans, and their objective is for 15 percent of its product portfolio to have sustainable biomaterials by 2015 – their new line of bio-fans is the first step towards this goal.

Axial Fan Suppliers UK

Challenger Components has 50 years experience in distributing fans and blowers, and they supply ebm-papst models.

Challenger supplies axial fans which are fans used in a variety of applications from small fans to ones used in wind tunnels.  The blades in axial-flow fans have blades which force the air to more parallel to the shaft, along the axis of the fan.

Visit: for more information, and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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