Antistatic Bags

15 03 2011

Find out what an antistatic bag is, where antistatic bags are used, and why antistatic bags are important, and the best suppliers of antistatic bags in the UK.

Antistatic Bags

These items are used to ship components as they act as a buffer should the device they are carrying become damaged and leak dangerous toxins or fumes such as electrostatic discharge.

They are usually used to ship or carry electronic components which are more prone to damage than other types of equipment.

The bags are made of plastic and are silver in colour if made of metallised film, or pink or black of made from polyethylene.

If you use a polyethylene antistatic bag it may also come with extra padding such as in the form of bubble wrap or foam.

How do Antistatic Bags Work?

The antistatic bags protect mostly against electronic discharge which may be dangerous to the immediate surroundings.

The way antistatic bags work is by their design where they are made up of layers of protection.  They are therefore, sometimes made up of a variety of different materials, such as rigid black polyethylene box line with pink poly foam.

You could also get one that protects a device with a pink polyethylene bubble-wrap bag.

The antistatic bags are slightly conductive; this means they prevent localised charges from affecting the device – so in this sense they protect the device from exterior destruction.

Pink or green bags have only low-charging material.  This means that while the bag will not be able to create harmful charges, it will not protect the electronic device from electronic fields – so the bags should only be opened in a workstation which is static free.

Antistatic Bag Suppliers UK

Challenger Components sells a variety of quality antistatic bags from the well know manufacturer 3M.

Visit: for more information, and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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