What are Tuchel Connectors?

21 03 2011

A tuchel connector is a screw version of a circular connector, and is a division of Amphenol – a major connector manufacturer.  Find out more about tuchel connectors, where tuchel connectors are used, and where to buy tuchel connectors online.

Tuchel Connector Types

There are several different variants of tuchel connectors, including the Amphenol Tuchel Circular Connectors C091D.

These have ingress protection to IP67 and IP65, offering complete EMI security in the full mated and locked position.  The male and female circular cable connectors come with 3-8 and 12 and 14 contacts depending on the clients’ requirements, and crimp in 3 to 8 positions.

Amphenol Tuchel PCP Slimline Smart Card Connectors are another type – they have compact dimensions of 56mm x 30mm x 3mm which suits most applications where there is limited space for connectors.  These are commonly used on electric, gas, and water meters.

The PCB Slimline Smart Card Connector has protected contacts, metal casings for good stability for harsh environments, and a secure switch so they do not get turned on or off by accident.

An easy operation tuchel connector would be the Amphenol Tuchel Series C 16 M eco mate circular connector.

This connector is easy to assemble, is safe from high vibrations due to its non-sensitive screw locking, and has better grip for safe and secure handling.

Tuchel Connector Suppliers UK

Challenger Components stocks Amphenol Tuchel electronic components, including tuchel connectors.  They also supply a range of other connectors used in the industrial sector, medical instrumentation arena, military, and telecommunications sectors too.

These include RF Coaxial Connectors, PCB Connectors, Wire to Board Connectors, Board to Board Connectors, Smart Card Connectors and many more.

They also provide cable assembly services, and are experts in static control and cooling solutions using fans and blowers.

Visit: www.challengercomponents.com for more information, and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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