Anti Static Products for Electrical Components

22 03 2011

To protect people from electrical discharge when working on electrical components, static control is used.

There are a number of different static control products available on the market to ensure any static that escapes from a device is grounded to protect the surrounding people, and to prevent damage to other equipment.

An antistatic bag is the product of choice for transporting many electrical components. There are other types of anti-static products which control or eliminate static energy too.  These include eliminator bars, ionising guns, static generators, and ionised air blowers to name a few.

Shoe Grounder Straps

These anti static products are used for grounding electric discharge, usually the anti-static shoe grounders are used along with a conductive floor tile.  Nylon ribbons should be in contact with skin so any static on the body has a path to the floor to be grounded accordingly.

These shoe grounder straps are a good option for people who work in a field where they are constantly surrounded by electrical components.

Other personal grounding products include dual conductor metal wrist band for monitors.

Ground Monitors

These allow workers to monitor the grounding products, of which it can often monitor up to three connection points at one time.

The monitors indicate the level of ground connection.

Ionising Instruments

These static control products are hand-held instruments and are used to measure the static decay rate and ion balance in a device.

They are good for monitoring performance and to prevent the need for drastic action to be carried out when the balance becomes too out of sync.

Anti Static Product Suppliers UK

If you require anti static products to protect the workers in your organisation then Challenger Components has 50 years experience in supplying relevant stock for certain applications.

Visit: for more information, and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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