Demand for Connectors in Medical Equipment Rises

24 03 2011

The Global medical ultrasound equipment market is forecast to reach 5.6 billion dollars in 2015, new research shows, indicating a rise for specialist electronic components such as connectors is set to follow.

According to the Global Strategic Report this rise in demand for medical ultrasound equipment is due to the use of applications in new segments such as administration of emergency medicine, and the emergence of portable ultrasound devices.

There has also been a rise in healthcare expenditure with new product innovations, and technological advancements which has boosted growth.

This forecast is good news for the medical equipment market, with figures showing this market has suffered during the recession in 2008 and then aggravated in 2009.

Hospitals cut back on medical equipment purchases during tough economic times, and some scale down on buying new equipment and instead buy used applications.

Medical ultrasound has accounted for a large share of the medical imaging market since its introduction in the early 1950s.


A connector, in its simplest form, is a means of joining two electrical circuits together, so the flow of energy is not disrupted.

In the medical industry this is an important feature of the equipment they use, if the connection is lost for example then a life could be lost.

Connectors are manufactured to be highly reliable and fit the specific application they are required in, so any vibrations or other external environmental factors do not affect the circuit.

Medical Connector Suppliers UK

If you require connectors for the implantation of medical equipment, then Challenger Components is a recognised supplier of electrical components.  They can help with everything from the design of your electrical application through to implementation.

They supply products for applications in the medical sector, in the industrial one, military and telecommunications market too.

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