Packaging Antistatic Products

30 03 2011

If you work with electronic components you may require antistatic products to control electro-static discharge, and to protect yourself and the other electronic equipment.

Here we will look at the packaging antistatic products available on the market.

Static energy is generated when two products touch or rub together – this charge is either positively or negatively charged.

The danger, in terms of equipment, is how this static energy reacts with the equipment, potentially turning a negative connection, positive.

There is a risk of fire if an electrical discharge is around certain machines or solvents, and any electric static discharge could pose a substantial risk to operators.

Antistatic Products

When electronic components needs to be moved, there are certain packaging options manufactured to control the static energy these components could discharge.

Bags for MIL-PRF-81705 MVTR for example are antistatic bags made of multiple layers of metallised polyester which acts as a moisture barrier and is puncture resistant.

A Spot Humidity Indicator Card can indicate how humid it is inside a dry packed barrier bag to ensure the environment for the equipment remains stable.  The Card has moisture sensitive spots which respond to various levels of humidity, these will change from blue to pink.

To warn people of the contents of an antistatic bag there are labels available such as an attention MILITARY label.  Some of these are reusable, and alert people to the contents if they are static-sensitive, and so they are handled correctly.

Packaging Antistatic Product Suppliers

Challenger Components provides a range of anti-static products, from antistatic bags, humidity indicator cards, and attention labels, as well as workstation anti-static products and anti-static tester devices.

Whatever your requirements Challenger Components can supply you with the right anti-static products, stocking a range of 3M Interconnect products.

Visit: for more information, and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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