Anti-Static Products: Test Equipment

5 04 2011

The control of static in an electrical environment, or where workers are likely to be exposed to it, is very important in maintaining a safe and controlled work space for the applications to function.

Find out how people use certain anti-static products to test the amount of static in a work setting.

Work Station Products

These anti-static products include items such as personal grounding equipment, workstation monitors, and air ionizers.

Testing Equipment

Work-surface Testers – these are items such as the EM Eye Meter.  This device measures EM fields, RF signals and ESD events.

The EM Eye Meter allows workers to work under most conditions for extreme temperatures and even tight locations due to its compact size and durability.

The 3M Surface Resistance Meter is another work surface tester.  It measures conductive, dissipative and insulative repeatable measurements, and is popular for audit testing.

The 3M Workstation Monitor Checker is another similar device, designed to verify the proper operation of a dual wrist strap, workstation and ground monitors.  It checks the monitors are in compliance with the facilities specifications by simulating the proper resistances and signals.

A Test Kit for Static Control Surfaces is also a popular product, as it contains all the components needed to make testing mats and other surfaces simple and accurate.

A wrist strap monitor is another cost-efficient device which workers who are surrounded by electrical equipment often use.  They are small, compact and versatile and can be mounted directly onto device handling equipment, testers and auto insertion equipment.

Anti-Static Product Suppliers

Challenger Components has 50 years experience in supplying the right anti-static control products to clients seeking static control solutions.

They provide workstation products, test and equipment, and anti-static packaging solutions.

Visit: for more information, and to discuss your requirements in more detail




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