New Flexible Connectors Required

8 04 2011

There has been increased demand in the market for new types of cost effective, high density, flexible interconnect systems, research shows.

This demand stems from the fast evolution of PCBs, which offer greater functionality due to their increasingly complex design.  As a result, new innovative system components are required, Tech News, Issue 19 reported.

A new tooling concept has been designed by connector manufacturer HARTING, which offers a broad choice of contact configurations.

New connectors from now on will be following these design features.

The connectors are based on 1.27mm of contact spacing, and the high density footprint comes in sizes between 6 and 100 contacts.  The fixing of the connector to the PCB is also required to be robust and special fixing clips have been designed to improve this – it also prevents any stresses from being transferred to the SMT.

Connector Requirements

Connectors are sometimes designed for outdoor use, especially in industries such as telecommunications where wires or electricity towers are exposed to the elements every day.

The connectors must be designed with protection over any weather conditions and even harmful gases and ozone, along with UV radiation and corrosive precipitation – of which are the most dangerous risks to corroding connectors.

Electronic connectors connect two wires, or a wire and the electrical source, so the electricity or power can flow continuously through them.  If the connection is broken then the application will be unable to function properly.

Connector Suppliers UK

Challenger Components supplies quality electronic connectors which can survive in any weather or factory condition.  They can waterproof them or overmould them to make them extra durable, to provide a connection you can rely on.

Visit: for more information, and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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