Green Industrial Fans and Blowers Wins Award

12 04 2011

Ebm-papst has won Marketing Initiative of the Year for its eco-friendly GreenTech campaign on its industrial fans and blower range.

The campaign was started to inform customers of the benefits of using energy saving models of industrial fans and blowers.

Their aim is to drive people to look past the initial cost and to the long term savings they can create and their effect on the environment too.

The target audience of the campaign is end users who are looking for energy saving suppliers – their campaign was targeted to be able to form a direct link between its components and sustainability.

Emb-papst Industrial Fans and Blowers

Emb-papst is the world’s leading manufacturer of high efficiency fan products, and manufactures eco-friendly and economical products.

They produce small, compact electronic cooling fans to energy efficient, light industrial applications.

The fan types they produce include, Axial fans and Compact fans, Centrifugal fans, Mixed flow and Diagonal Flow fans, Cross flow or Tangential flow fans.

The fans are used to move air from one area to another, to either provide or remove cold, hot, dry or damp air – their ultimate purpose is to move a mass of air.

Industrial Fans and Blowers Distributors

Challenger Components has been distributing ebm-papst products for many years, and have in this time built up experience in cooling solutions and thermal management – fan and blower applications.

They can offer custom application solutions, whether the requirements of the customer are limited to extended lead length or require intelligent fan tray units, such as fan monitoring by temperature or speed.

If customers choose the correct fan and blowers for their requirements, and have them installed correctly they can reduce noise, increase airflow, lower energy consumption and save money on energy costs.

Visit: for more information, and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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