Antistatic Flooring and other Antistatic Products

15 04 2011

Find out more about antistatic products, how antistatic flooring works, why antistatic products are used, and the best antistatic product suppliers in the UK.

A person can become easily charged with static electricity, and it is important to control this, or ground it, to prevent it from transferring from one application to another which could damage them or cause them to work incorrectly.  Uncontrolled discharging can cause hazards such as fires too.

Antistatic flooring is typically used by workers who are working with electrical applications likely to be affected by discharged electricity.  The static from the person involved is grounded in the mat due to its specific materials.

Antistatic Products: Mats, Chairs and Shoes

There can be some antistatic mats which not only act as static control; they also allow workers to stand comfortably for long periods of time.  These are termed ant-fatigue mats and can come with or without the static control features.

They are made with durable rubber, and ones created by 3M consist of a matrix of hollow cylinders that function like a spring when compressed.

There are also static-free chairs available on the market, which are designed to eliminate the problems caused by combining conductive materials.  They are manufactured with hooded static-free casters, and static-free fabric.

In addition to antistatic mats and antistatic chairs, there are also antistatic shoes available for workers working with static electricity.

ESD shoes are able to ground the electrostatic discharge from a person as long as they are worn on a semi-conductive floor.  The shoes discharge the static electricity stored in a human body through the floor in a more controlled way.

Antistatic Product Suppliers UK

Challenger Components has 50 years in supplying the right antistatic products for a customer’s needs, whether that be antistatic flooring, antistatic bags, antistatic testers, or work station products.

They also have expertise in cooling solutions, supplying quality fans and blowers to different industries, and experience in supplying electronic connectors.

Visit: for more information, and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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