Antistatic Products and Connector Supplier 3M, Wins Award

19 04 2011

3M has been awarded the Energy Star for sustained excellence for its energy conservation efforts for the seventh consecutive year.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy (EPA) in the US presented the award.

The electronics components manufacturer was awarded the Energy Star for its comprehensive world-wide energy conservation.

3M Static Control produces anti-static products which provide solutions to meet the challenge of electrostatic discharge and adverse environmental conditions during handling and transportation, which could be a danger to other applications or humans.

They produce products such as anti-static flooring, ionizing monitoring instruments, and shipping materials.

3M Interconnect manufactures a range of interconnect solutions, providing solutions which are faced by electronic manufacturers and assemblers worldwide.

“3M’s long-term leadership and commitment to energy efficiency demonstrate the types of accomplishments we can all achieve in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our global environment,” said Elizabeth Craig, EPA’s acting director of atmospheric programs.

“Our commitment to finding more ways to manage energy use responsibly and efficiently remains unabated, and is as vigorous and creative as ever,” added Steve Schultz, 3M corporate energy manager.

In 2010, 3M embarked on 59 energy efficient projects related to Pollution Prevention Pays were implemented worldwide.  This reduced 3M’s global energy consumption by 281 billion British thermal units.

Since 1990, 3M has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 77 percent.

Antistatic Product Suppliers UK

Challenger Components supplies 3M Interconnect and 3M Static Control products.  They are experts in both these environments, as well as providing cooling solutions such as fans and blowers to their customers.

They supply the following connectors:

3M Interconnect Solutions

Heat Seal

Industrial Circular

Industrial Rectangular

Military Audio

Military Circular

PCB Connectors

RF Coaxial

Smart Card

Visit: for more information, and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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