External Power Supply through Industrial Cable to Grow

26 04 2011

Industrial cables are expected to be high in demand as the global market for external ac-dc power supplies is predicted, following a new study, to grow to 14 billion dollars in 2016.

According to the report ‘External AC DC Power Supplies: Worldwide Forecasts’ by Electronics CA Publications, the industry is experiencing conflicting changes that are reshaping this important area of power conversion.

There is a convergence among average wattages and package styles demanded by a typical system in applications such as communications, computer and consumer.  There are also emerging applications that are demanding higher-wattage power supplies.

The communications applications demands are driving both the highest unit sales and the fastest unit growth rates into the two lowest-wattage categories.

Over the next five years the external power supply market is projected to see considerable growth due to new power architectures, smaller form factors, more efficient designs and improved power management technology.

The demand will be led by the communications, computer, consumer, portable medical and building/lighting segment industries.  It is predicted to grow from 9.3 billion dollars in 2011 to 14 billion dollars in 2016.

Industrial Cable

This type of cable is used in industries which require tough and durable cable to supply their applications with a steady and reliable power supply.

The most common types of cable are electrical cables which are used to provide a flow of electricity to certain applications; these can also be outside and exposed to the elements, so are required to be waterproof and able to withstand human tampering.

Challenger Components has 50 years experience in supplying the right type of industrial cable for their clients requirements – whether they need them for small applications such as computers, or larger devices used in factories.

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