Military Grade Connectors in Quick Turn Program

10 05 2011

ITT Interconnect Solutions has expanded its Quick Turn program with PEI-Genesis to include military grade connectors.

PEI-Genesis now has the capability to terminate discrete wire terminations, allowing for the extension of the ITT QPL for final assembly of military grade products.

The expanded Quick Turn program ensures the assembly and delivery of ITT military-grade connectors within 48 hours.

“We strive to reduce customers’ total acquisition cost and lead times, simplify assembly, and improve the quality and reliability of their designs,” said Russ Dorwart, president and COO of PEI-Genesis.

“As applications continue to become smaller, they demand the same robustness of larger connectors in a smaller amount of space.”

Military Connectors

Military connectors have to meet the specialised requirement of army machines and guided missiles, such as small rockets to multistage vehicles.

These connectors have to be able to withstand harsh environments such as high pressure, wind and rain, as well as other extreme combat conditions.

Electrical connectors are used to transmit an electric current from one cable or wire to another or from an electric source through to the wire.  Without a suitable connector, this current may not be reliable which would prevent the application in question from working.

Connectors are also commonly required in industry and the different models include: Industrial circular, industrial rectangular, RF coaxial connectors, smart card connectors and heat seal connectors.

Military Connector Suppliers UK

Challenger Components is an expert in supplying suitable connectors for their clients’ requirements.  They can supply military connectors, as well as others more commonly used in industry such as RF coaxial connectors and smart card connectors.

They also have substantial experience in static control and cooling solutions, as well as connectors.

Visit: for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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