Cable and Connector Supplier at OTC 2011

18 05 2011

Cooper Industries is a global provider of electrical products such as cables and connectors, and recently have showcased their latest solutions at OTC 2011.

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) ran at Reliant Park in Houston on May 2-5 this year, where cooper divisions showcased a new range of oil and gas products.

The electronic solutions are specifically explosion proof to meet the drive to reinvest in innovative technologies for the customer’s benefit and its global manufacturing base.

One division of Cooper Industries even showcased their Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems for the marine, oil and gas industries.

The products are in line with their reputation of designing equipment characterised by low installation and maintenance costs and superior durability.

Cooper MEDC designs electrical equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres which were also at the show.  These types of equipment are used in places in offshore projects such as platforms, floating production, storage and offloading, and drill rigs.

“With a breadth of products and solutions for the oil and gas industry from many of its divisions, we are proud to be integrated, best-in-class partner, able to meet customer needs with our innovative products and solutions,” said Kirk Hachigian, Cooper Industries CEO.

Cooper Interconnect

Cooper Interconnect is a well known manufacturer of cable and connectors for industries which require durable and reliable connections.

The equipment is often put under high pressure and has to work reliably through changes in extreme temperatures.

The industries they provide these solutions for run in line with those that Challenger Components supplies relevant products for, such as industry and medical appliances.

Challenger Components supplies cables and connectors manufactured by Cooper Interconnect depending on the customers’ requirements.

Visit: for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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