Energy Efficient Electronic Components

20 05 2011

A leading electrical wiring device manufacturer has launched new commercial occupancy sensors to its line of lighting controls.

Cooper Wiring Devices has designed the new electronic components for industrial, commercial and residential applications, of which the products feature contemporary aesthetic design that is specially made for energy efficient retrofits.

This NEXION line is aimed at specifically helping businesses save money by meeting sustainability initiatives, while also complying with new energy codes.

“The NEXION line was a natural next step in the CORE lighting controls line to bring our innovative products further into the commercial space,” commented Daniel Castillo, vice president and general manager, Copper Wiring Devices.

“This line of products was designed to meet the unique needs of building owners and occupants and to help them meet substantially initiatives and energy-saving requirements.”

The NEXION Commercial Occupancy Sensors line includes redesigned wallbox occupancy sensors featuring Instinct Technology.

Instinct Technology is a decision making software built into the lighting control that makes adjustments in real time, preventing lights from falsely turning on or off.  This is particularly useful where spaces are used for different purposes on a regular basis like offices and conference rooms – the sensors adjusts the light levels to accommodate the dynamic changes in activity.

Challenger Components: Electrical Components Supplier

Challenger components supplies electrical components in the categories of connectors, static control, and fans and blowers.

They use products designed by Cooper Interconnect for some of their customers requiring connectors for cable assemblies.

The types of customers they provide electronic solutions for range from the industrial sector to commercial, telecommunications, and military.

As such they are able to put their 50 years of expertise to good use and find the best components from a number of different sources, including Cooper Interconnect, Amphenol and ebm-papst, to find an appropriate solution.

Visit: for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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28 07 2011

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