Tamper Resistant Receptacles and Connectors

27 05 2011

Tamper resistant connectors and receptacles ensure the safety of all those dealing with electrical outlets. Find out more about tamper resistant connectors, and where to find the best suppliers and manufacturers in the UK.

Cooper Wiring Devices produces a wide range of tamper resistant receptacles for a variety of applications including industrial, commercial and residential ones where children are particularly vulnerable to harm.

The electrical wiring device manufacturer is set to appear on an episode of Designing Spaces on June 3rd to discuss and provide tips on installing tamper resistant devices.

Tamper resistant receptacles offer permanent peace-of-mind with a shutter system that prevents foreign objects from being inserted into one side of the face, while accommodating two or three prong plugs into the electrical component.

Products produced by Cooper Wiring Devices in the receptacles range include the newest of which is a line of standard and decorator combination device – this includes both a 15A 120V/AC switch with a 15A 125V/AC receptacle with UL-listed tamper resistant shutters. These shutters are designed to prevent the insertion of foreign objects.

A recessed tamper resistant receptacle, a tamper resistant floor box receptacle and tamper resistant multimedia wallplates with receptacles are other products which can prevent harm to people working with electrics.

Designing Spaces is a home improvement television series that travels all around the country redesigning spaces. They span decorating ideas to do-it-yourself projects and step by step home improvements.

Tamper Resistant Connectors UK

Challenger Components provides electronic solutions to a wide variety of markets requiring the use of electrical applications such as connectors.

They supply Cooper Interconnect products as well as electrical components from a variety of other well thought of manufacturers including Amphenol, embpapst, Nicomatic, and Credence Technologies.

Visit: http://www.challengercomponents.com for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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