Ecomate Connectors: Original Design Manufacturing to Grow

16 06 2011

Original design manufacturing is expected to grow at a steady pace over the next few years, experts predict.

According to the latest Electronics CA Publications report, the electronics industry market research and knowledge network, ‘Original Design Manufacturing – Global Strategic Business’ showed the market could reach 161.1 billion by 2017.

This comes after a period of decline which was caused primarily by the prolonged severity of the economic slowdown and depressed manufacturing scenario, which was felt in key industry segments in 2009.

The report suggests this growth will be mainly driven by an increase in manufacturing activity across industries, which will come about due to post recession resurgence in consumer demand for manufactured goods.

This will also put renewed focus on manufacturers to come up with creative designs, new product form factors, and technology specifications.

Growth prospects from Asia-pacific are also thought to be good for the market of original design manufacturing.

The culture of manufacturing is discussed in the report as having changed from a more centralised production force to strategic outsourcing, which as a result has diversified supply chain functions.

The Original Design manufacturing industry is closely tied to industrial, automotive and consumer electronics, wireless & wired communications, and data processing technology, which have all been hit by the recession, but are likely to bounce back.

Ecomate Connectors

Challenger Components supplies electronic components for their clients, and among their supplies are ecomate connectors.

They primarily use ecomate products designed by Amphenol which is a key player in this industry.  Their Industrial Circular Connector for example comes from their ecomate series and is a moulded plastic construction, screw coupling, with a straight or 90 degree outlet with colour coding available for ease of use.

Visit: for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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