Electronic Component Manufacturer Wins Award

20 06 2011

A leading electronics components manufacturer has won the American Technology in Manufacturing award for its breakthrough ‘Cubitron II Abrasives Platform’.

The landmark Cubitron II abrasives technology platform from 3M has won the TechAmerica Foundation’s American Technology Award in the manufacturing category at the Foundation’s annual awards dinner.

The awards are presented annually to signify the industry’s best technological achievements in 14 categories.

The Cubitron II is a radical advance in the cutting and grinding processes, as it combines several of 3M’s core technology platforms to create precision-shaped uniformly-sized ceramic-based oxide triangles.  These are oriented with their cutting edges facing the work surface.

A faster and higher quality performance is the result of the new design, along with ergonomic and safety benefits, and a reduction in the need for abrasive waste disposal.

“3M is honoured by the recognition and very pleased that its technology is contributing to a safer and more productive environment in this important sector of manufacturing,” said Robert Cowan, 3M Abrasive Systems Division, manufacturing technology manager.

“This helps to eliminate burnishing, oxidation and discolouring, while producing fewer hear-related stress cracks in high-cost end parts, including implantable medical orthopaedic devices,” Cowan explained.

Electronics Components Suppliers

Challenger Components has 50 years experience in providing electronic components to their clients.  They use 3M Interconnect products for connectors, 3M Static Control for static control solutions, and a range of other well thought of manufacturers like ebmpapst and Nicomatic.

The company is based in Kent, and has been since 1984, building up expertises in three of their specialist fields: Connectors, Static Control, and Cooling Solutions (Industrial Fans and Blowers).

They can provide not only technical support but also product design for complicated electronic problems.

Visit: http://www.challengercomponents.com for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




2 responses

23 06 2011

That sounds really neat… thanks for posting!

25 07 2011

This award was well-deserved by Challenger Components for its innovation and quality performance products. Well done!

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