Electronic Component MEME Microphone

28 06 2011

The mobile phone market is revealed as being the largest consumer of MEMS microphones as popular consumer applications require them in their new designs.

A new report ‘MEMS Microphones’ released by Electronics.CA. Publications predicts the market will experience rapid growth between 2011-2016.  It is estimated by 2013, shipments will increase to over one billion units and more than two billion units by 2016.

MEMS microphones, the study explains, are widely used in applications such as mobile phones and laptops, and more and more mobile phones are now using two or more MEMS microphones for Active Noise Cancellation (ANS).

Other consumer applications such as laptops and camcorders for example are using multiple MEMS microphones to have the multidirectional function.

The penetration of MEMS microphones in the iPhone 4 and other smart phones has boosted this product’s presence in the market.

Market leading manufacturers include Knowles who is the leader with more than 80 percent of the market share, along with AAC Acoustic Technologies, Hosiden and BSE.

It will be more and more important for manufacturers to access the MEMS microphone original design.

The IP rights and packaging patents are critical for manufacturers to achieve performance and cost challenges as the industry becomes more competitive.

Electronic Component Experts

Challenger Components is a supplier of electronic components and has 50 years of expertise in the fields of connectors, static control, and cooling solutions.

They have expertise in design through to cable assembly, and have experience stocking the right electronic products to clients in a variety of industries, notably the industrial, medical, telecommunications, security and military.

They use a variety of recognised suppliers such as Amphenol and ebmpapst to provide connectors, industrial fans and blowers, and static control solutions to their customers.

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