Areas Set for Electrical Component Growth

19 07 2011

We check out three areas where growth in electrical components and electrical manufacturing is set to grow in the coming years.

EU Fans

Companies will need to update their fans and thermal management solutions before strict new EU rules come into force. The EU has introduced, and continues to make, major changes to the energy efficiency requirements of electrical fans. In fact, new regulations on energy efficiency being introduced by the EU in the next four years could mean that up to 50 percent of existing electrical fans will need to be upgraded. More

Alternative Energy Market

The alternate energy storage market is expected to rise to 423 million dollars in 2016 worldwide, research reveals. A recent report suggests the global market could equal 325 million in 2011 and this could reach 423 million dollars in 2016 as it increases at a five year compound annual growth rate of 5.4 percent. More

Semiconductor Inventory

New research by IHS iSuppli has indicated days of inventory among chip suppliers was up by 1.1 percent from the fourth quarter in 2010 to 80.3 days at the end of quarter one 2011. This figure is also an increase of 9.1 days from the same period last year, representing a two year high, as inventories reached a level not seen since the first quarter of 2009 when figures stood at 82.4. More

Smart Grid

By 2016 research suggests the global alternative electrical power storage market will reach 423 million dollars.

Electrical power is now being commonly generated using smaller alternative sources like wind, solar, tidal and geothermal, as opposed to traditional methods of coal-fired, oil-burning, natural gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric, a new report reveals. More.

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