Military Connectors & Military Cable Assembly

20 07 2011

Construction machinery, automotive, medical, and aerospace and the military tend to use connectors and cable assembly considerably.

Military cable assembly must be done to certain higher defence standards.

The Military Cable Assembly Market

Cable assemblies represent approximately 0.9% of all overall military spending and as you would expect, military cable assembly as an industry is largely dependent on the overall military spending of particular countries.

A recent report from Bishop and Associates found that on average, over the last five years, governments worldwide on average have consistently spent 2.7% of their gross domestic product on military expenditures.

In 2010, China had the most growth in demand for military cable assembly at 21%, and Japan had the least growth, at 8%.

While growth in China remains strong, the US market also looks likely to grow, largely because it remains the biggest exporter of arms in the world. The U.S is the world’s largest military and aerospace market, but if the wars in the Middle East continue to wind down and economic spending remains tight, budget cuts are likely.

The U.S defence departments plan already to cut 78 billion dollars in defence spending over the next five years, with some European countries following suit.

The Bishop and Associates report found that the sale of advanced military hardware to areas such as the Middle East and Taiwan will however help maintain the cable assembly market for mil/aero products in 2011 and 2012.


There are many different types of connectors available for those looking to update their electronic applications. Whether it is a military, circular, industrial, d-type, RF Coaxial, filter, hazardous area, security, automotive, avionic or information technology type of connector, it is possible to supply to your requirements.

Whether experts in the aeronautic industry, military, industrial or telecommunications require military circular connectors, or heat seal connectors, Challenger Components has a wide stock of connectors to suit the requirements of each of their clients.




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