Outsourcing your cable assembly – Why is it a good idea?

25 07 2011

Cable assembly can be an expensive and time consuming exercise, despite being an integral part of global electronics manufacturing. Because of the costs involved, a number of companies look to outsource their cable assembly. Below is a brief but informative guide on the key reasons why outsourcing may be the best move you could make;

1. General cost cutting: Cable assembly is undoubtedly an intricate and time consuming process. Companies spend substantial money and time training their staff to carry out cable assembly properly and effectively. But have you ever thought about the money you could save by outsourcing? Entrusting another company to take care of this crucial aspect of your business could free up time and money that could be spent in other areas. By keeping all your processes in house, you can keep a close eye on how they are functioning but it also means you have to put up with the accompanying costs. Outsourcing could help you save a significant amount of money in the long run.

2. Risk reduction: In addition to making savings on money and time, outsourcing your cable assembly can also significantly reduce the risk involved in such a process. The machinery required to carry out cable assembly is complex to use and expensive to purchase. Provided you have a high level of faith in the company you have asked to carry out your cable assembly, it is wise to let them take on the inherent risks of such a process. This leaves you more time to ask your own staff to focus on other areas that require attention.

3. Focusing on staff costs: Ensuring that you have a group of individuals who are trained to carry out cable assembly means that you will have to pay them accordingly. That could mean hiring extra staff to do the job specifically, or updating the skills set of exiting employees. Either way, your specific staff costs will be reduced by outsourcing any and all cable assembly work.




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