Axial fans – How many uses do they have?

29 07 2011

Axial fans consist of a rotating arrangement of blades which act on the air. Usually contained within a casing, the blades used force the air to move parallel to the shaft about which the blades rotate.

The name of this specific fan comes from its propensity to blow air along the fan, and they have many modern day applications.

The larger varieties of axial fans are seen in mechanisms such as wind tunnels. Smaller types can be used for all manner of electronics work.

Given the size of some wind tunnels, it gives you an idea of how large certain axial fans can actually be.

They are also regularly used for air conditioning and industrial process applications.

Within the electronics industry specifically, they are used to for cooling certain items of equipment. This is a vital cog within the whole process of constructing and transporting electrical connectors for example.

In fact the list of practical applications for axial fans and this very specific mechanism really is endless;

-Ceiling fans

-Table fans

-Variable pitch fans

-Computer cooling fans

Another one of the more interesting applications for a modern day axial fan is to use it within a vehicle. The most impact an axial fan will have is the ability to such air though a coolant filled radiator.

This ensures the engine does not overheat and anybody who drives knows how important that engine cooling facility can be.

It is usually powered by an electric fan which is, in turn, controlled by a thermostatic switch.

It should also be remembered that an axial fan is not the only option in this particular sphere. There are three main types of fans used for moving air.

Aside from axial fans, the other two are commonly known as centrifugal and cross flow fans.





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