New power connector set to make a big impact

1 08 2011

Amphenol Industrial have unveiled their new power connector which is designed to provide power from a wireless, mast–mounted base station to a remote radio head.

The Amphe-BTS is a compact, energy-efficient connector which is specifically constructed to adhere to the requirements which have been set forth by the next generation of base stations.

It is hoped by many that this connector will negate the need to ship heavy cable assemblies all over the globe.

The Amphe-BTS also provides 360 degree EMI shielding with grounding fingers. It incorporates a specially designed locking system that guarantees strong vibration and shock resistance.

Due to its superb conductivity, the new product is also lightning resistant. The plug has screw termination contacts to allow for easy field installation and replacement.

The new product is expected to be particularly popular with telephone operator technicians, base station manufacturers, AC/DC power supply manufacturers and related installers.

The connector also features a unique brass shell construction with tin over nickel plating, meaning it is corrosion resistant and compliant with ISAO 21207.

The new product has a cable sealing range of 7mm to 18mm, as well as a temperature range of -55 C to +85 degrees C. It is also UL and TUC certified.

The product is available in three different formats. You can get hold of either the standard two-way 48 VDC, a two-way reverse gender 48 VDC or a three-way 400 VDC/250 VAC power configuration.

Challenger Components sell a variety of different connectors from the established market leaders, Amphenol.

Visit for further information or to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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