Electrical connectors – What types of connectors exist?

2 08 2011

Electrical connectors are used in a wide variety of ways throughout modern society. But there are so many different types, how do you know which is the most effective one for your industry?

We have put together a brief but informative guide regarding the most common types of electrical connectors on the market. Hopefully it will help you to ensure that you get hold of the right one.

Power Connectors: This particular type of connector is designed to protect people from accidental contact with energised conductors. The larger variety of power connectors need to safely contain an arc produced when an energised circuit is disconnected or may require interlocking to prevent opening a live circuit. They will also usually include a safety ground connection in addition to the power conductors.

Hybrid Connectors: Hybrid connectors are modular. This means they tend to be very useful for simplifying assembly, repair and future modifications. They are also very effective in reducing equipment installation time as they help to reduce the amount of individual cable and connector assemblies. Probably the most unique feature of hybrid connectors is the fact that they have housings, this allows for the intermixing of many connector types including power connectors, radio frequency connectors and USB connectors.

Blade connectors: This type of connector uses a flat, conductive blade that is inserted into a blade receptacle. The blade and receptacle will both have wires attached to them; this will be done through either soldering or crimping. Blade connectors allow you to safely join wires using both a ‘Male’ and a ‘Female’ connector.

For details on a host of other types of connectors including military circular and industrial rectangular connectors, visit www.challengercomponents.com. Details can be found on a range of leading suppliers to ensure you find exactly what you need.




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