Antistatic protection

8 08 2011

The purpose of an antistatic wrist strap is to keep a person safely grounded when they are working with sensitive electronic equipment.

It has the primary effect of preventing the build-up of static electricity on their body. The build-up of static electricity can eventually lead to electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can be very damaging for a number of electronic devices.

The strap is made up of a flexible band of fabric which has a number of intricate, conductive fibres incorporated into it. The strap itself will be bound with a stainless steel clasp and the fibres are generally made of carbon due to their propensity for helping to prevent the build-up of electrostatic discharge.

The straps can be used in conjunction with a specially designed antistatic mat which will be placed on the workbench.

There is an intricate and intelligent process to how you use a wrist strap while working. The strap is connected to the ground through a retractable cable which has the ability to absorb high voltage charges while ensuring the prevention of any potential shocks.

Wrist straps can connect Earth Bonding Points via either a 4mm plug or a 10mm press stud. When working with higher voltage, extra protection can be added to protect the user from excessive currents.

Ankle and heel straps can also be used to help protect users from currents and allow accumulated charge to seep away from the body.

These items work in an equally intricate way, dissipating electrical charge to specially implanted floor tiles to increase protection.

They are particularly good for anyone who needs to be mobile when working as it is preferable to avoid a grounding cable in this cable.

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