EC confirms commitment to electronics manufacturing

12 08 2011

The European Commission have stated the importance of encouraging electronics manufacturing in Europe. In particular, they have cited their belief that the building of semiconductors should hold specific importance.

Europe has been falling behind the rest of the world in terms of electronics manufacturing within the last decade. Europe’s dwindling share of semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities has been central to this recent decline.

However, speaking to the ISS-SEMI conference in Grenoble recently, Jean Therme seemed to signal a changing strategy which would include a commitment from Europe to make significant strides in the electronics manufacturing department.

Therme, the director of CEA-Grenoble and chairman of the European key enabling Technologies high level group, said “The commission wants to make possible the siting of fabs (wafer fabrication facilities) in Europe.”

It is certainly exciting news for the European electronics industry as a whole. However, the industry has been on something of an upward curve for a short while now.

“(Electronics) manufacturing in Europe is weak, but in the last two years it has been recovering,” according to Alain Astier, Vice President for front end technology and manufacturing group ST.

“Europe is investing in manufacturing: Intel is investing in Ireland, Globalfoundries is investing in Dresden, ST is investing $500 million a year in Europe.”

All of this news is encouraging for an industry that could do with all the extra funding and support it can get.

The production of items such as semiconductors is essential to the electronics manufacturing industry.

Hopefully the new commitment proves to be long lasting and the industry as a whole can continue to make great strides as we come out of the back end of another recession.

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