Ultrabooks to have major affect on connector production

16 08 2011

The specific design of ultrabooks, the collective term for a group of portable and lightweight laptops, is expected to both exciting challenges for the connector industry in the near future.

A number of reliable sources within the connector production industry have been sounded out about the particular demands of making connectors to fit in with this specific type of technology, and the feedback has been interesting.

Ultrabooks are slightly different from other notebooks and laptops in terms of the intricate technology which is employed.

Ultrabooks preclude some connectors which are traditionally found in laptops and notebooks, such as CPU sockets.

In time though, there are plans for the product to become more mainstream in the consumer market, which could significantly affect the connector industry.

CPU socket makers, for example, will have to adjust their processes or face being left behind.

There is a contrasting view within the industry though, that the technology will not be able to rival the traditional notebook market.

Some sources suggest that any trends surrounding the current popularity of Ultrabooks will fade and that notebooks will continue to be the market leader.

Whatever happens, there is little doubt that ultrabooks have caused a shake-up in the whole electronics industry.

Many of the major electronics manufacturers will watch the situation develop with a keen interest before deciding if they are required to adjust their processes and practices to any degree.

For additional details on the various types of connectors which are available from market leaders such as Amphenol, 3M and ebmpapst, visit www.challengercomponents.com.




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