Government recognise role of UK electronics for aerospace industry

18 08 2011

A recent report suggests that aerospace remains one of the most important manufacturing sectors for the UK electronics industry.

Mark Prisk, the minister for business, has reiterated the importance of the aerospace sector, particularly in terms of the supply and manufacture of components.

“Aerospace companies in the UK directly employ around 100,000 highly skilled individuals and support many more jobs across the wider UK economy,” stated Prisk.

“We are number one in Europe and number two in the world, with a 17% global market share,” continued Prisk, speaking at the first meeting of the Aerospace Growth Partnership.

Manufacturing contributes approximately 18% of the UK’s GDP, with aerospace being one of the main reasons for this.

The sector’s annual turnover is rated at approximately £22 billion, with export business accounting for 70% of that turnover.

Figures like this emphasis the inextricable link between the importance of a flourishing aerospace sector and the UK electronics industry.

The manufacturing of an extensive variety of equipment, both large and small, which is vital for the construction of aeroplanes, is of major importance.

The electronics manufacturing industry has known this for some time, but now it seems that the British government have acknowledged this which bodes well for the future.

There had been fears that the new administration would largely ignore the electronics industry in the near future.

Statements such as this though, from Prisk, emphasise that they appreciate the construction of connectors, components and various other items is recognised as being important.

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