Amphenol unveil latest connector on the market

19 08 2011

Amphenol have announced the introduction of the brand new PWL connector series onto the electronics market.

The new series has been designed specifically to deal with outdoor conditions.

Described as the ultimate solution for “outdoor broadband wireless”, the new series also boasts the unique feature of being waterproof.

Other unique aspects include a three-point locking system which enables more secure locking and faster installation.

It also offers IP 67 waterproof protection, wide wire gauge range for customisation and UV resistance.

Amphenol say it is designed with the “user in mind”, and acts as an alternative to LED’s and other applications that require a reliable power source.

The launch follows hot on the heels of their release earlier this month, the Amphe-BTS.

The Amphe-BTS is an energy-efficient connector which is specifically constructed to adhere to the requirements which have been set forth by the next generation of base stations.

It is hoped by many that this connector will negate the need to ship heavy cable assemblies all over the globe.

Due to its excellent conductivity, the new product is also lightning resistant. The plug has screw termination contacts to allow for easy field installation and replacement.

The Amphe-BTS also provides 360 degree EMI shielding with grounding fingers. It incorporates a specially designed locking system that guarantees strong vibration and shock resistance.

The new product has a cable sealing range of 7mm to 18mm, as well as a temperature range of -55 C to +85 degrees C. It is also UL and TUC certified.

The product is available in three different formats. You can get hold of either the standard two-way 48 VDC, a two-way reverse gender 48 VDC or a three-way 400 VDC/250 VAC power configuration.

The new product is expected to be particularly popular with telephone operator technicians, base station manufacturers, AC/DC power supply manufacturers and related installers.

For further details on connectors and a range of additional products available through Amphenol, visit





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