Financial analyst predicts bright future for connector market

23 08 2011

A senior analyst at J.P Morgan has predicted that the connector market will continue to flourish in the near future despite the global financial problems which the electronics industry is currently battling with.

Steven O’Brien stated in a recent interview that due to the “vital function” that connectors have within the electronics industry, he feels that their production will continue to grow.

“In terms of specific examples, connectors are used in everything. They are used in your mobile phones. They are used in automobiles. They are used in aircrafts. They are used in networking equipment. They are used everywhere,” stated O’Brien.

He then went on to speculate about the value of the connector industry and how it can be best broken down.

“Connectors are about a $50 billion a year industry right now. I’d say about 30% come from communications. That includes both communications equipment like communication service providers, as well as communication devices like smartphones and tablets,” continued O’Brien.

He also went on to state the importance that connectors play in areas such as the industrial market, data networking, the automotive and aerospace industries.

There is certainly little doubt that many people doubt the all encompassing nature of the connector market, taking for granted the role in which they play in so many products nowadays.

O’Brien also made a further key point which is definitely worth considering when you ponder the future stability of the connector market.

“Another major positive that the connector industry has going for it is that unlike other areas, you have broad and almost agnostic exposure to success of the various OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in any given industry.”

It is certainly a boost to the connector market to hear such a positive bulletin from a respected analyst, many within the industry will be glad to hear the endorsement.




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